Telemedicine / Tele Consultation

Mahatma Gandhi Hospital has been providing its telemedicine services since 2014. The telemedicine centre was designated as the nodal centre by the government of Rajasthan for all district hospitals in the State.In the year 2017, the Rajasthan government named Mahatma Gandhi Hospital as a center for telemedicine counseling of the Rajasthan Telemedicine project. 

About 100 Tele-consultation nodes were activated. Due to the hard work and dedication of the telemedicine team, Tele-consultation started and 250 to 300 consultations take place per day. Health worker from the remote site does a lineup of the patient to consult with the respective doctors. Then fills the patient's primary form in which the patient's data along with the patient's x-ray file, old medicine prescription report to check, etc. reaches the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital doctors through the software. Doctors give a perspiration which is downloaded at the remote telemedicine node. The TSI Rajasthan chapter along with MGUMST (Institutional member) are carrying out on the job training for Doctors and paramedical staff. 

The number of Doctors trained are 150 for MGH Telemedicine Central site. The number of specialties providing Tele-consultations are as under 12. Training of paramedical staff from the periphery are 12 & 7 quarterly
Total Setting of Telemedicine server center is 15 Seater call center with one help line center. Total number of case per day 500 average per day. 

Sr. no. State Number Of Center Sponsor
1 MP 10 State Govt.
2 UP 25 State Govt.
3 Assam 10 State Govt.
4 Rajasthan 140 State Govt.
5 West Bengal 15 State Govt.
6 Bihar 20 State Govt.
7 odisha 100 State Govt.
Total 320