Home Care For Neuro/Paralysis Patients

Home Care For Paralysis/Stroke

Stroke is one of the emergency conditions that significantly impact the functioning of the brain as it restricts the blood supply to specific portions. As a result, paralysis can occur where the patient loses the ability to speak, control over urine, and bowel. Patients have to depend on family members for their routine work. At Polaris Medicare, our neuro rehab services aim at reducing the complication of such patients so that those who have undergone brain and spinal surgery can be recovered shortly. All this enhances a patient's ability to move and reduces their dependence on their family. Our team of experts prepares a customized care plan for the patient in consultation with Neuro Physician and Neuro Surgeon. 

Some benefits of our Neuro Rehab care are as follows:

  • Ensures better treatment facilities to patients at their home.
  • Dedicated caregivers and trained nurses.
  • Restores normal functioning.
  • Helps in minimizing dependence.
  • Helps to prevent complication