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Our team of registered nurses and skilled healthcare professionals provide in-home nursing to help manage and coordinate recovery at home.Read More.


Our Services

Personal Care at Home

Providing holistic support and personal care at home is provided by a trained attendant.

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Physiotherapy at Home

Medical Health Professionals at MGH, Our Health Care Associate bring to you their expert

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Elderly care at Home

The elderly or senior citizen care program has been designed to meet the healthcare requirements

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Doctor at Home

Due to acute or chronic illness or prevailing infections even a visit to the doctor

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Nurse at Home

Our nursing care at home involves diverse healthcare services that involve easy monitoring

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Diagnostics at Home

Looking for a diagnostic lab testing facility right at the comfort of your home?

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Medical Equipments at Home

Critically ill patients admitted in ICU require all such medical equipment and settings at home

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Mahatma Gandhi Hospital has been providing its telemedicine services since 2014.

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Our Expert Care at the Comfort of Your Home

What’s better than receiving expert medical care from the convenient, comfortable and trustable setting of your own home? With our deep-rooted core values, medical expertise and superiority, we bring high quality and affordable medical aid and assistance at your doorstep. Our medical team truly personifies our vision. With adequate and updated training, it is ensured that we all together make a positive difference to the patient’s life.

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Long Term Care Plans

Long Terms Service Plans for Our Patients

Our Partnership Programs nurture lasting relationships by upholding the dignity of those receiving care as well as supporting those who give care. We provide expert medical supervision with compassionate care over an extended period of time at home and our plans encompass personalised healthcare services, including nurse and physician visits.

Our Patient Testimonial

I would like to express my gratitude to the whole team at MG hospital for relentlessly checking up on me and ensuring I was okay throughout my quarantining period. I would like to especially thank Dr. Dilip Soni and Dr. C. M Agarwal who were always there to guide me and my family and were one of our biggest pillars of strength during these testing times. Other doctors like the physician, dietician, psychiatrist were easily approachable as they were always just a call away and very understanding and empathetic. A team of doctors would always call me two times a day, sometimes even more to ensure that my vitals were in check and that I was doing okay. Overall, Covid-19 was a very humbling experience and the MG team made it easier for me to go through it, guiding me every step of the way. Therefore, I would like to recommend their Home Isolation Suraksha Package to anyone who is isolating themselves at home and also wish them a speedy recovery.

- Ojasvi Agarwal

Elder care services of Polaris Medicare are extremely helpful to my parents. As I am a working professional and reside in another city with my family, I was always worried about their health and care. The competent professionals and experts who helped my parents are now just like our family members. Thanks to Polaris Medicare.

- Vikas Sharma

My father underwent stomach surgery and doctors told us that he will take a long recovery time. I took the nursing services and I must say the trained nurses very well understand the post-surgery requirements of patients which enhanced the recovery speed of my father.

- Shdhir Gupta

I wanted my 2-year son to get vaccinated but I was aware that taking him to the hospital is not an easy task. So I called Polaris Medicare and availed their Vaccination services. I was surprised that my son didn’t cry at all. Their perfection reflected from the way they treated my son. Keep it up, Guys!!

- Girdhar Lal

Last year my husband got severely injured in an accident and went into a coma. I was afraid and doctors suggested taking him home. I was worried about how I would manage this situation. I took the critical care service and I was relieved of the tension as I personally watched how efficiently the home care professionals provided essential care to my husband. I will recommend Polaris Medicare for the complete care of patients at the comfort of your home.

- Anuj Kumar

As I am a working professional, it is quite tedious for me to take my grandmother to the hospital for testing and complete health check-up. My friend told me about Polaris Medicare. I approached them and I was happy that they timely visited home and took all the samples. Moreover, they sent us the report online and the doctor's visit was scheduled for the next day. Great response and highly experienced technicians!!

- Suresh Kumar

About Mahatma Gandhi Hospital: Our Health Care Associate

Mahatma Gandhi Hospital (Our Health Care Associate ), Jaipur has established itself as a pioneer in healthcare, nursing, and medical aid through its years of healthcare services replete with the latest surgical equipment, innovation, and technology that meet the international medical standard while harbouring ethical, professional, highly qualified and caregiving medical staff. Thus, fulfilling its promise of bringing world-class healthcare to India and helping millions of Indians to seek the medical aid they deserve. Being a trusted and respected Institute of Medical Sciences, MGH Jaipur (Our Health Care Associate) strives to fulfil its responsibility as one of the major pillars of the society by its continued vigilant services to mitigate the healthcare concerns as well as the challenges that the nation is faced with, such as increasing costs and decreasing affordability.

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